Pinpointing Your Pipe Blockage With No Damage To Your Home

The plumbing in our houses really needs to be monitored and maintained.  Over time our pipes will become dried out, cracked or even burst from excess pressures, cold and hot weather fulgurations and even natural settling of our houses.  Typically when we have an issue with our plumbing a plumber would have to come out to the house dig up the yard and do a lot of research before pinpointing the problem.  Now with modern technology plumber can now do video plumbing inspections claremore ok to see exactly where the problem is.

Cost Effective

Before when a plumber needed to pinpoint a problem say under your slab they would have to break up the concrete and physically see where the problem was.  This could cost a homeowner thousands of dollars and the problem may not even be there.  When we use a camera the plumber can simply fish the snake through the line until he finds the issue. 

This makes repairs more cost effective.  The data from the camera is sent to the plumber via a wireless signal to their computers.  There the plumber can review the video live and even replay for the customer.  When the problem is located a diagnosis of the repair can be calculated resulting in less work for the plumber and a more affordable bill for the homeowner.

video plumbing inspections claremore ok

Planning ahead

When a problem can be diagnosed visually before any work is done a plan of attack can be made.  The homeowner can decide to get the work done or if they want to do it themselves with chemicals.  If a costly repair is needed the plumber can easily write up a parts list, schedule their crew and have it repaired with little to no stress on the homeowner.