Key Components Of Creating Brand Awareness

Products are everywhere.  Every time we turn on the television, radio, surf the internet and more we are confronted with different types of products.  Each of these products will have a specific use, be promoted in a special way and appeal to different people for different reasons.  The one thing however that each of these products have in common are their packaging. 

When creating packaging you will want to consider a lot of factors.  The first and probably the most important aspect is the brand packaging portland or that will get your customers excited about your product.  When focusing on the brand key components need to be addressed.  If done wrong however, it could mean the difference between a successful product or a dud.

Size of packaging

The first thing to consider is the size of the packaging.  When we add packaging to our products, we are adding cost to the consumer.  If the package can be small and compact and still protect the product then this is what you should do. 

Colors and simplicity

How is the design of your package created?  What colors do you use and how complex or busy are the images on the product?  When selecting the colors for your product you want to keep them simple.  Black, red, yellow, green and blue are the main colors that you should focus on when creating your packaging.  When using photos in your packaging what do they represent?  Are they random photos that have nothing to do with the product or does it display people using and enjoying your product?

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Shelf space

When designing your packaging consider the shelf space you have to work with.  You don’t want to have a extremely large product on the shelf.  If you do it is typically sent to the back of the store where no one will see it.  You want to design your packaging so it fits on a shelf or a hook and can be displayed front and center for all the customers to see.