Capturing A Bird’s Eye View Of The World

The thought of taking a photo or a video from a plane or helicopter isn’t anything new.  However, with the development of drones and other small remote-control flying devices as well as the implementation of miniature cameras and WIFI technology the usefulness of taking these photos from above has reached new heights.  If you wanted to take aerial photos of my house sugar land tx or maybe my yard, the technology is now available to us.

Surveying Property

Drones can be used to survey property for a wide number of reasons, one for new property development, video for promotions, security and more.  Drones can be used by insurance claim adjusters to survey the property after a disaster and be able to get closer with a camera and physically where it would have otherwise been extremely difficult.

Freelance Video Clips

When we have drones, we can make money with video clips.  Many websites want to have video of a certain area of town or maybe from a specific event.  With a drone we can now program them or even have them humanly controlled to get in on the money shot that people will pay top dollar for.

Disaster and rescue operations

aerial photos of my house sugar land tx

Drones can move faster than humans and go to places it would be difficult to do.  When a fire happens or if someone is lost drones can be launched into the air to locate them quicker. Since drones can last a long time and can scout in a wide area, they can help cut down on the time it would take to search by hand.

Countless opportunities

When taking aerial photography, the options are endless.  With prolonged battery life, extended storage capacities and even the ability to live stream what is shown on the camera in real time make drones and what they can do even more valuable today and into the future.